The History

According to a 1988 Article in Gulfcoast Living Magazine, Claude Taylor in 1969 fished in the vicinity of Island Park, along with Marcellus Jacobs an inventor who owned substantial acreage in this area. Mr. Taylor, a regular vacationer to Fort Myers since the 1950’s moved to the area in 1970, and purchase from Jacobs 400 acres to be developed in 9 phases. Lots were priced (in 1988) from $23,000 to $49,000. Taylor’s investment in 1973 was stated in the article to be $3.5 million. The original boat ramp was built by Mr. Taylor sometime after 1970, but before 1976 when the power line was installed. The boat ramp is owned by the IPW Association, but not the land upon which is is situated (refer to Feb. 15, 1990 comments below for update on land ownership).

Sources of Information: Assortment of Records, old minutes, newsletters, correspondence, etc. retained by WP Hay, Treasurer. (These records are fragmented and incomplete.)

JUNE 3, 1976
Island Park Corporation acquired the land (Woodlands) from Claude E. Taylor. Property Subject to Easements of Record, a 40′ Permanent Easement North of Platted Lots
Grant of Easement / OR Book 1591, Page 672

JULY 1, 1983
Warranty Deed from Chuck Bundschu, Inc. to Island Park Corporation, Strap# 12-46-24-00-00004.000, OR Book 1962, page 178 (this is the property under the power lines). Taxes were paid in the amount of $127.38 by Island Park Corporation.

MARCH 11, 1985
Island Park Woodlands Homeowners Association Member 2nd Meeting: 39 attendees (assumed to be formed February 1985). Draft By Laws, need to Incorporate was discussed.

MARCH 13, 1985
Minutes of Executive Board, Articles of Incorporation agreed to, and action initiated to incorporate the IPW HOA. This was done in anticipation of assuming responsibility and ownership of common property.

MARCH 27, 1985
Minutes of Meeting: Boat ramp existed, first direct reference (see references above as to when built)

MAY 14, 1985
Minutes of Meeting: Refers to “Property of the Association includes the entrance and the boat ramp”.

 JUNE 18, 1985
IPW HOA By Laws adopted. Article XI, Section I, requires Insurance coverage for liability of the Association.

JULY 15, 1985
Minutes of Meeting: HOA states Boat Ramp improved and fenced by IPW HOA.

SEPT 6, 1985
IPW HOA was officially incorporated

AUG 14, 1986
Corrective Grant of Easement, OR 1866, Pg 3607
Grantor: Chuck Bundschu, Inc. & Jassy Murphy Dev. Co.
Grantee: Island Park Corporation (add Jassy Dev to Warranty Deed dated July 1, 1983)

FEB 23, 1987
Development of Tennis Court began, located on Eastment above Strat # cited/many letters eventually Ok’d Aug 14, 1989

JUNE 14, 1988
Minutes of Meeting: (Significance unknown) Note: FPL Easement Property – Code Enforcement, Slisher’s Office

OCT 13, 1988
Minutes of Meeting: Liability Insurance for Directors and Officers coverage discussed.

OCT 28, 1988
Minutes of Meeting: Research of Insurance requested. It appears Island Park Corporation was insured.

FEB 15, 1990
Island Park Corporation transferred all common Property, Title, Interest, Rights & Association operational responsibility to Island Park Woodlands Homeowners Association, Inc. (a non-profit corporation)

FEB 15, 1990
Hilb, Rogal & Hamilton Insurance Agency were paid $252 for Association Liability Insurance

AUG 30, 1990
Lee County Office of Appraiser revised assessed value of IPW HOA, Inc. property to $3,440, lowered from $103,200. 1989 assessed value was $8,600.

JUNE 5 (or 19)
Minutes of Meeting: checking account with a $6,000 balance opened by Melissa Williams, Treasurer. Monies carried over from previous account (?) at Barnett Bank. Island Park Corporation operated the Association until the common property was transferred on February 15. No bank records prior to this account.

MAR 3, 1992
Insurance through Olde Fort Myers Insurance Agency with Auto Owners Ins Co. for $215. Insurance renewed every year through Sedgwick James, later Brower. New Policy 1999 covering HOA Liability (pending review and clarification of basis)


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