Your Current Board of Directors

2022 – 2024

President | Estoppel Requests
Maria Tunis | 630-450-0351 [2023]

Vice President
Andrew Marcus [2022]

Lynn Anklam | [2023]

Lyndee Carhart [2023]

John Rees [2024]
Shawn Chamberlain [2024]
Nancy Blakely [2024]

Terms are for 2 years. Each year is a voting year. There are a total of 7 HOA Board Members. Every EVEN year, there are 4 new board members elected. Every ODD year there are 3 new board members elected.

Once the new members have been elected, a special meeting of the newly elected and existing board members is scheduled to determine the duties of the board members (ie President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors).

If anyone is interested in getting your name added to the ballot, please send an email to with your contact information and we will get back to you with details. Names must be submitted before May 1st of each year in order to allow sufficient time to get ballots printed and returned for the vote in June.